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Who is a Bougie Mom

We're all a little bit bougie.

For the mom who enjoys quality brands, a good promo code, and a devout Target shopper. A seeker of cultural enrichment, a book of the month club reading, stemless wine glasses and Prosecco during lunch breaks sipping mom. A mother with high aspirations and a conscious approach to molding the education of her children. A travel the world with toddler in tow, and international sky miles collecting mama. An average mom who's not an average mom. A children’s museum on a Saturday, Art Walk on a Sunday, daytime roof top party attending, hiking in the fall, sunbathing in the summer, wine club member, vintage fair regular type of mom. A Whole Foods shopping, meal prepping, apple tree farm picking, self proclaimed foodie. A lean all the way in or love on your babies full-time, no judgement zone. In short, you’re #momgoals, and understand that self care and investing in yourself is key to raising good humans.

Our mission is to create a space to share our stories, celebrate and promote endeavors run by women of color, and to empower and inspire mothers through lifestyle, travel, culture and beauty. This is a space where you can find mothers who look and think like you, and create a community where you can learn and connect on shared experiences.

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