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Featured on West Elm!

Every home needs to have that peaceful corner, a place unmarred by beautifully grubby toddler fingers. Somewhere pretty without the mess of unopened envelopes, random bits of rubbish, or lego parts. On a whim, I decided to share a photo of my 'fave space' and woke up to a pleasant note from West Elm, one of my favorite furniture retailers.

The mid-century modern plant stand, dresserand lamp can all be found on the West ElmSite. Many people have been loving the fan on my dresser; and I've gotten tons of questions on where I found it. This fan is perfect on balmy nights, and is excellent at circulating cool air throughout the house. You can find this fan on Amazon. It comes in a few other colors as well as sizes.

I also had a few questions on the plant in the plant pot. This is a Monstera that I found a year ago at IKEA. Miraculously it's still thriving! All it needs is a tiny bit of water each week, some indirect sunlight and a dusting of the leaves every few months.


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