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Jerk Tofu Wraps

A woman is VP. A child of immigrants is VP. A wholly qualified individual is VP. A Black, Indian, Jamaican American woman is VP— y’all and I am here for it. [raaaaay🇯🇲 🗣]

Jerk tofu wrapped in collard greens. I can’t think of a dish that better sums up this moment. Spices native to India, flavors melded together by Maroon Africans enslaved in Jamaica, a country also colonized by the British.

This was as pretty to look at as it was delicious to eat.

This one is a bit labor intensive, but you can do some quick cheats to get this on the table quickly by making a few elements a day ahead. This recipe can be found in Vegetable Kingdom by the amazing @bryantterry. I made the jerk seasoning from scratch, but there are several great pre-made versions by @gracefoods.

The tofu is marinated overnight then fried, garlic toasted until golden, collard greens blanched for 30 seconds and then all that yumminess is wrapped together before a final searing and steaming and completed with an amazing cilantro sauce.


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