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Savory French Toast

Ever considered a Savory French Toast? I’m having a current moment with milk breads and stumbled upon a recipe for a Pain De Mie (soft bread) that features black pepper prominently—game changer. Going further into a rabbit hole I learned that French toast doesn’t have to be sweet. Enter Pain De Mie Pain Perdu (lost bread aka stale bread made awesome again).

Comment below if you’d like a recipe for making this loaf. This is best made with a thick slice of bread, think Texas toast or a good piece of brioche.


1 egg per slice of bread, blended up with a few tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder (or whatever flavor you like), and salt. Soak both sides of the bread until it’s sopped up most of the mixture, then fry in a a bit of olive oil. Top with some sliced cherry tomatoes, good olive oil, your favorite herb and salt.


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