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Dukkah & Honey Toast

Remembering this beautiful and rare moment of morning stillness, and reflecting on the fact that we’ve survived a full 365 days of a pandemic. If you came out unscathed and a better version of yourself then all credit to you. If you came out a bit battered and worn down then my wish for you is that you pause and extend yourself some grace, do a small thing that brings you happiness. And if you’re somewhere in between, know that it was no easy feat, and be damn proud of yourself.

It has been a long 52 weeks, it’s ok to admit we’re tired. Rest. Restore. Repeat.

Happy Saturday. Hoping you find a small moment of joy today.

This small moment of joy was a loaf of bread I made, sliced and spread with marscapone cheese, a drizzle of wild honey and a smattering of dukkah spices made of toasted hazelnuts, cumin, and coriander seeds. A cup of coffee that I got to drink warm (big small win), and my new found love of ranunculus and minimalist flower arrangements.

Dukkah and Honey Toast, Morning Self Care
Dukkah & Honey Toast


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