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Lima Bean Salad

Quick protein lunch and a new way to perk up the can of beans we all stock piled. Heat olive oil and butter and toast any white bean until it crisps up a bit, about a minute each side. Don’t overcrowd the pan or they’ll steam instead of toast—you may need to work on batches. In the last 30 seconds throw in some chopped garlic, spring onions, red chili’s or chili flakes, and herbs— I’m obsessed with lemony sorrel leaves right now. — s&p. Plate then sprinkle over some sumac, feta, lemon juice more fresh herbs (I added fennel fronds and chives). You can swap out paprika if you don’t have sumac. This bowl has a lot of great textures from crunchy to creamy and gives you healthy mashed potato vibes. New fave right now. Let me know if you try it.


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