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Vegetarian Pad Prik

Pad Prik. This one is a crowd pleaser and can make anyone a lover of green beans, and maybe even tofu! It comes together really quickly.

Tofu Pad Prik (Green Beans)


1 block of tofu

14 Oz of green beans, (Chinese long beans preferable but use what you have access to)

2 tbs Red curry paste (@thaikitchen makes a good one, but I’ll share a recipe soon to make your own)

1 tbs fish sauce (you can omit if vegan)

2 tsp sugar

1 clove garlic

2 makrut lime leaves, sliced thinly* (you can find it at Whole Foods, but in a pinch use the zest of a lime. This really makes the flavor so it’s worth sourcing, plus it freezes well and lasts ages)

1/2 inch piece of lemongrass (you can leave out if you can can’t find it, and substitute with a few drops of lime juice)*

2 tbs sweet chilli sauce (I use @maeploy)

Salt to taste

Serves 2 adults


Fry or bake your tofu and set aside. Trim your green beans. Stir the fish sauce and sugar together and set aside. Mince the lime leaves.

In a wok on high heat with about a tablespoon of oil (not olive) put your green beans in and stir fry. Add a splash of water to help steam and keep the green beans bright color. Once 70% softened but still crisp, add garlic, stir until fragrant. Add curry paste, lemon grass if using and stir fry for about 2 minutes to bring out the flavor. Add the tofu back to the wok. Add the sauce mix, and stir. Finish with sweet chili sauce.


-If using lemongrass for the first time, use the first 2 inches from the root, and discard the other half. Remove the first layer as it is fibrous, then pound the lemongrass and mince

-if subbing lime zest, and it to the dish at the very end

-chiffonade the lime leaves by rolling leaves into cigar shape and slicing thinly


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