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Vegetarian Roast Wellington

Vegetarians who’ve been in the life for a while know that’s there has been a major evolution in the faux turkey game. I remember years ago, before Tofurkey had a loaf, I’d purée tofu with spices, press out the water in it for days, and then marinate and baste for hours on T-day. It was a process. Now thankfully there are so many good options. My favorites are fieldroast and gardein.

To mix it up a bit, I make a vegetarian roast wellington, using one of the loafs, adding some cranberry sauce or whatever spices you’re in the mood for (jerk or curry flavored roast anyone🙋🏽‍♀️). Bake the loaf first and cook until 70% done (or microwave for 5 minutes—shh no one is watching), wrap it up in puff pastry and boom you’ve remixed the vegetarian loaf and everyone ooohs and ahhs.

Top tip: if you like your pastry deep golden and br

own use a heavy cream wash, if you like it light and golden just use an egg yolk wash, if you prefer it pale then use only egg white, you can also sub in your favorite milk alternative and brush on top for a nice finish.


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